We regularly look for energetic, thoughtful, and committed volunteers to serve with the Colorado Guardian Angels. There are many different ways that you can volunteer.

  • Events – Throughout the year we are invited to provide safety and a secure environment to several major events in the Denver & Metro areas.
  • Well-being checks – During the colder seasons in Colorado we will do our best to provide jackets, socks, warm caps and anything we have donated out into the community for those who are need. (Of course we do these checks all the time but this is specific to helping people survive the cold winters.)
  • Training Procedures – Training comes in all forms of helpful types, such as:
    • Radio Training
    • First Aid
    • C.E.R.T.
    • Self Defense
    • Verbal Judo
    • Community Awareness
    • Citizens Rights
  • Safety Patrols
  • Youth Programs

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